Hi. I’m Jake.

My friends call me a renaissance man.

I like to tinker with branding & logo design, coffee roasting, web design & development, pricing strategy, hand-lettering, woodworking, flying, bass guitar, behavioral economics, market research... and too many more.

Preparing people to effectively execute their ideas is what matters to me.

Having ideas is easy, but having the care and internal pull to make them happen is challenging and rare. The people I work with give a damn.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many fabulous people and brands, including Victoria’s Secret, Bob Evans, Fever Fever, Isken Cosip, Lee University, and many more.

Individuality is my focus in every story, every project, and every relationship.

Although I’m continually improving my processes and philosophy, seeking out the uniqueness in every story ultimately leads to the most successful result.

If you are interested seeing some of my work, or if you are working on something and would like to talk about it, shoot me a note. I love a good conversation over a tasty cup of coffee.