Hi. I’m Jake.

You’re probably here because you saw some of my work on the world wide web or because someone I bribed said “Hey! Go check out this rad website, dude!”

Regardless—It’s nice to have you.

Let’s cut to the chase.

I’m taking a break* from my work in building logos and stories for the web in the stead of two very important focuses:

  1. My wife and I just welcomed our first little kiddo, Posy Jo
  2. My father-in-law and I are collectively raising nearly 4,000 bucks and cycling 200 miles to help end cancer

It’s probably a bit much for one summer.

*There’s one caveat.

I have set aside time to work with one startup, organization, founder, maker, or creator on a new brand identity to help launch or revitalize their concept. Just one. Turns out.

This project with get everything I have to give—business experience, creative attention, inventive design thinking, and love for capturing and illustrating captivating brand stories (and bonus free jokes). The result will be one rad logo.

What do I request in return?

Help us end cancer.

We all get this by now, yet many of us are numbed to the facts: As it stands, 1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will fight cancer in their lifetime. We have to stop this now.

Pelotonia is fighting to do just that. Over the past 8 years, riders have joined together to raise over $80 million—all toward funding research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Your donation will go a long way in this battle to end cancer.

“Say no more—let’s talk!

The bottom line:

For this one project, I am offering my services in exchange for an $800 (or greater) donation to Pelotonia.

If you want to help end cancer and could benefit from a new logo and visual identity, please tell me more about you.


  1. I like this and all, but I really need to see a Dribble® / Behance™ page to be convinced. Why can’t I find you there?
  2. If you are into shots, here you go.

  3. Seriously though, how do I know you are worth my time?
  4. Ask Fever Fever, Trevor Daniel, Victoria’s Secret, Bob Evans, or my mom.

    Also, feel free to ask me anything.

  5. What do you do?
  6. I’m into making logos, roasting and brewing coffee, imagining clever websites, learning about global retail by selling bras & panties all over the world, and making jokes, music, and movies with my best pals.

  7. Why are you doing this?
  8. Because I want to squash this damn disease once and for all! Our kids shouldn’t have to worry about getting cancer.

  9. Are there other ways I can support?
  10. Absolutely! Head over to my Pelotonia page to donate or learn more about how you can support Pelotonia.

  11. But I wanted to hire you for a specific project...
  12. I plan to begin work on other projects sometime this fall—shoot me a note and we let’s figure something out. Or, I’ll point you in the direction of one of my many super-talented friends.

  13. Where do I sign?
  14. Right here. Let’s maximize proactive synergies and efficiently harness 24/7 paradigms.