Hi. I’m Jake.

You’re probably here from StumbleUpon™ or because someone I bribed said “Hey! Go check out this rad world-wide-website, dude!”

Welcome—It’s nice to have you.

I’m into making logos, imagining clever websites, learning about global retail via the best bra business in the world, and making jokes, music, and movies with my best pals. Also, I’m an ordained Dudeist priest.

Some people have called me a polymath or renaissance man. Which I think makes me akin to Rain Man or the old chap at the park dressed up as a period-accurate Old Norse viking.

Here’s the latest:

The Grand Duke’s Variety Show

The Grand Duke’s Variety Show

A few of my closest friends and I wrote a sketch comedy variety show, and we are in rehearsal now! Performances are in July—get more info here.

Simone’s Kids

Simone's Kids

This incredible organization founded in 2010 started two schools in Uganda and has inspiring plans to improve education in the region.

Their wonderful founder is a friend of mine and asked me to join the board last year to help them do more in Africa. I’m working with them to hone their branding and message, automate their management systems, and rethink the way they tell their story on the interwebs. They are doing ambitious things and are filled with a passion for helping children learn—support their work here.

And more.

Drop me your email and between GIFs, emoji, and forwarded chain letters, I’ll keep you in the loop with what’s new.

Building something?

Tell me more—I’m currently planning projects for 2017.