Hi. I’m Jake.

I craft meaningful logos, roast and brew coffee, imagine and design websites, price bras & panties all over the world, study and create lettering & typography, fly planes, make music & movies, and I’m about to become a daddy.

Preparing people to effectively execute their ideas is what matters to me.

Having ideas is easy, but having the care and internal pull to make them happen is challenging and rare. My process helps founders, makers, and builders get off the ground. The people I work with give a damn.

Good conversation is one of my favorite parts of life.

If you are working on something and would like to talk about it, shoot me a note—I’ll get a kettle started for us.

This summer, I am raising $1,800 and riding 100 miles with Pelotonia and with one goal: ending cancer.
Support us and help kick this thing to the curb!