Hi. I’m Jake.

You’re probably here because you saw stumbled upon™ my handiwork on the world wide web or because someone I bribed said “Hey! Go check out this rad website, dude!”

Welcome—It’s nice to have you.

I’m into making logos, roasting and brewing coffee, imagining clever websites, learning about global retail by selling bras & panties all over the world, and making jokes, music, and movies with my best pals.


For you NPR-ites: some have labeled me as a polymath; a renaissance man. Which I think means I am akin to Rain Man or that gentleman at the park dressed up as a period-accurate Old Norse viking.

Behind the scenes, I’m working on something new.

Drop me your email and after adding you to marketing mailing lists, sending GIFs and emoji, and forwarding chain letters, I’ll let you know when everything is toasty.

Building something?

Tell me more. I’m currently planning projects for the back half of 2016.